There are plenty of ways in transforming an old house into a better looking one. It doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor of using supplies such as paint to achieve attractive results. Part of the revamp is the addition of new lighting, finishes, and decorative items to bring a new appearance to your outdated house. As a result, it will provide an excellent visual appeal and, of course, a much higher resale price. Here are the areas that you need to take care of.

Makeover of the Entrance

The frontal view of the house can be updated by painting the door with a glossy exterior paint so that it will stand out as the main point of attraction. Vibrant red color can also give it a good visual appeal. You can even replace the door knob set or the door knocker so that it will complement the new door. If possible, you can set up a potted topiary for an amplified prominence.


Update the Kitchen

A makeover to the kitchen will also be a good way to make an old home look fresh. Thus, you can paint it with a shade of cream, gray or tan to begin with. Dark outdated cabinets can also be updated by replacing it with lighter styles and finishes. For those who are a bit living on a budget, it is wise to simply paint them to save money. Install some lighting fixtures like chandeliers, sconces or overhead lights to make your kitchen look contemporary.


Upgrade the Living Room

This part of the house is always important because it can add to the great appearance of the entrance. Hence, try to paint the walls using light or gray, cream or tan. White moldings can also be used to make a crisp new look. Make the ceiling look vibrant by using a white paint.