In Macef September 2013, Villa D’Este Home Tivoli presented a preview of the new collections that focuses on color and oomph, the new proposals in eye-catching objects that surprised us and drew fun shapes, materials and their lively colors, but also with their functionality and flexibility of use.

Villa D'Este Home Tivoli
Villa D’Este Home Tivoli

Let’s start with the collection trays and the Hippy romantically placemats squeezing the eye to the past; resin construction with shaped edges. The trays are available in three variants: with rectangular shaped edges or slightly wavy and oval with a large scalloped edge with relief decoration, available in twelve colors which are strong and bright.

The Happy Hour collection is a number of colored glasses, informal and modern can be used to set the table in a creative way. Tumblers, wine glasses, flutes and cocktail glasses from the line thin and harmonica glass in six assorted colors.

Finally, the New Baita dishes, from simple and linear shapes, rich colors and vibrant for the dinner service profiles with a thin brown border, made of light porcelain hand painted, available in eight colors asortiti single color or in a set.