The way you dress your room can change everything about the design, changing how light falls on your furnishings and décor, and either adding to or minimising the amount of wall space taken up by one of the room’s focal points. If you’re looking to complete a contemporary design with a suitable window finish, there are a number of things you need to bear in mind to keep the whole room consistent.

Contemporary window dressings
Contemporary window dressings

Modern design

Modern styles call for a more minimalist look than the prints and patterns of the past, requiring a sleek, unfussy approach to every aspect of your design scheme. Your window should add to the simplicity of the room, rather than standing out with an ornate dressing. Make sure you have your measurements correct and work out exactly what you want in place before you start; an oversized curtain or blind will take up too much wall space and look bulky, while those that are too small will simply look unfinished.


There are several ways you can dress your window without compromising on your existing design. Here are some of the top options to consider:


Blinds are a great way of controlling light and privacy without adding a heavy contrast to the design scheme. For an understated look, go for Roman blinds, which can be purchased in a variety of different thicknesses – living rooms benefit from light colours, which are opaque and let a gentle light in when closed, while blackout blinds are perfect for a bedroom or TV room. If you do want to make more of a statement with your window, hang a roller blind over a set of wooden Venetian blinds for a more-natural look during the day.

Fabric Roman blinds can be overbearing in a contemporary room, but with the correct colour scheme they can bring harmony to an otherwise unbalanced room. Their texture will soften a room that is too severe – perhaps also add a cushion or throw in a similar colour – and offer an elegant solution to large windows.


Neutral colours and fabrics are a must for contemporary interior schemes, which focus on a “natural” look and feel with little clutter or harsh synthetic-looking furnishings – wooden blinds have also become more popular recently for this reason.  Go one step further and look into roller blinds which offer energy-saving solutions by providing light and absorbing heat, as well as reducing glare and helping you maintain the temperature of your home. Soft fabrics are ideal in a large room, especially if you want to create a cosier look, but for pure minimalism go for something simple in pale hues for the ideal addition to your design.