A home office these days is no longer a luxury, but a necessity since many people are working right within the comforts of their home. Designing a home office is much like designing other key areas of the house, but since it is going to be a professional space, it should not be too homey for dozing off and for wearing pajamas. To help decorate a space in your residence into a home office conducive for work, read these few reminders.


Locate the home office a good distance from the family room, where kids or pets at kept at bay. Clients usually demand undivided attention while you work, regardless if you are working from home. Make sure this space allows you to step into your professional self for a good couple of hours, undisturbed.



You are going to have lots of paperwork and these files and documents need to be stored in their rightful places, where retrieval and archiving becomes simpler. Opt for furniture that double as shelves and cabinets for a sleek, clean appeal.


Most home-based work requires reliable communication equipment and technology. You should have a good Internet connection and various tools for contacting clients such as computers, fax, phones, etc.



Pick furniture that supports your office job well. Also, place ample lighting to help you accomplish work properly even during nighttime. A good supply of natural light and air is preferable, too. A great view outside the window calms you down during hectic days.


The home office should have a separate entrance/exit way to accommodate guests. It may not be encouraging for you or your clients if clients need to go through the maze of your private home before entering the home office. Although the office is part of your house, it is still your office, your workspace.