Cleaning a house is probably one of the household chores that a lot of people find unpalatable, because it has to be done on a daily or regular basis, or risk getting sick with all that dust, dirt and stain. Not to mention, bad odor that could become toxic in the long run. But there are ways to keep your home clean without cleaning as often.

Clean up right away


When something spills, wipe it off immediately. Keep countertops dry and clean, whether it is in the bathroom or kitchen. Return everything you used in their designated places. The idea is to clean as dirt and stains happen, so you don’t have to do so much when you need to clean the entire house.

Only clean what requires a good cleaning

If the walls, windows and other areas of your home are not really that dirty, leave it for the next time you do the chore again. Better yet, focus your attention on visible dirt and stains, so you don’t end up causing yourself unnecessary stress. The secret to good spot cleaning is to have a good eye for those nasty dirt and grime. This may seem hard to do, but if you are familiar with how your house looks like when it is spic and span, you will know exactly what needs cleaning.


Put preventive measures in place

How do you keep dirt from the outside from coming in to your home? Place a mat or rug inside and outside the main entryway of your home. If possible, build a mud room where everyone can take off their soiled or wet shoes. This way, you can eliminate 85% of dirt that comes in contact with the carpet. Basically, what you are doing is preventing dirt, stains and grime from happening in the first place.