The constant search for innovation to provide quality products and design has allowed Doimo Salotti to design a revolutionary new system of selling the sofa. Under a new idea was designed sofa that was achieved through the customisation of every other element.


It is a sofa that travels in a box, an innovative project introduced by Doimo Salotti to offer its customers a product design at affordable prices. It was born from a simple idea, by rational design, by Arch. Angelo Armanno. The couch Under is young, modular at will to meet the diverse preferences.

The characteristics of transformation and assembly make Under a couch in every single composition. The catalog of Under is so rich in elements that can perform various configurations.

The bases are available in three different sizes, you can match the seat cushions and backrests of different sizes and colors (all completely removable). A wide range of variations of fancy fabrics and uni together mix the assortment of the various elements that compose it – it also allows the model Under to give life to innumerable solutions, easily changeable according to need , to give inspiration to creativity combining it with the practical and functional needs which requires every home , from the smallest to the more spacious ones.

You can simply choose the preferred composition, place your order, wait for the delivery of the kit packed in a box that preserves the integrity and once at home, in six easy steps the sofa is assembled and is ready to welcome anyone who wishes to let thrill of a movie on TV, have a drink with friends, chat with friends or just relax listening to the favorite soundtrack, comfortably lying on the chaise longue.

The real revolution is in its Under -change skills that allow you to modify the composition in a simple and easy: for example, adding or deleting one arm , playing with the colors and the dimensions of the seat and back , inserting gaps between the sessions to equip them with appropriate shelves . The solution is to reverse the order of the addends to change the outcome and get a new product will always be able to renew every living space in which it is placed .