Starting with a new home is exciting; you have a blank canvas to design as you see fit. The flipside of this excitement, though, can be frustration. Where exactly are you supposed to start with such a large project? Never fear. Look to these sources of inspiration for your new home design and you’ll be organising your dream house in no time.

New Home Design
New Home Design

Display Homes

Visiting a display home is the ideal starting off point to get the template for your home. Wander through a variety of display homes to get a feel for what spaces work for you and how you want the flow of your house to happen – do you include an entrance hall? Where will the bedrooms go? One bathroom or two? Ensuite? There are so many questions that can seem overwhelming when you don’t have a visual to go by so display homes can act as your guide.

Movies and television shows

There are whole lists on the internet of notable beautiful homes featured in movies and television series. Whether you’re inspired by Diane Keaton’s palatial beach house in Something’s Gotta Give, Noah’s country weatherboard house for Allie in The Notebook or the vintage elegance of Grayson Manor on Revenge, look to movies and television shows for home designs that will make you feel like a celebrity.

Home and living magazines

You’ll be spoilt for choice with the number of home and lifestyle magazines on offer these days. What better way to make sure your house will be up with the latest trends than by flipping through a few of these glossies and seeing what’s new in the world of design? There are magazines covering everything from basic layouts through to furnishings and creating a high end aesthetic. Pick a few that suit your personality and away you go.

Friends’ houses

It may not have occurred to you to look closely at your friends’ houses when you visit but they can be a great way to find inspiration. Look around the next time you visit a friend and notice what about their home you like and dislike. You can ask them questions about what they find works and doesn’t work in their home and then borrow any ideas that appeal to you.


While it may sound odd to look outside for inspiration for an indoor environment, looking to the outside world can be a fantastic source of inspiration for your new home design. If you have a passion for the beach, why not echo the curve of the waves and riot of colour embodied in the ocean when designing your living area? Or bringing some bushland into your home with wood panelled walls or wood furniture? Bring the outside in and get the best of both worlds.

Find these sources of inspiration for your new home design and build the house you’ve always dreamed of having.