It’s important to consider the interior maintenance and design tasks you can undertake on your home that will make your home as appealing as possible to buyers and reduce stress on your moving day. Here are 10 top tips from international removals services Scotland on how you can maximise your home and move out without the stress!


5 tips for pre-sell

1.       Clean or repaint walls – use a neutral tone so it’s easier for people to imagine themselves in the space.

2.       Remove all clutter so visitors can visualise where their possessions will go – hide things away in boxes, jars, bottles or cupboards depending on the room.

3.       Regrout tiled areas in kitchens or bathrooms to remove signs of age. Consider replacing flooring or carpet, as well as doors and handles or kitchen and bathroom units, if they have become worn.

4.       Tidy and weed any outdoor areas and remove any rubbish from the street before visits.

5.       Remember to take out any pets before home visits and open windows to remove smells.

5 tips for pre-move

1.       Bin any possession that aren’t required; the less you have to move the better. William Morris once said the “Everything must either be useful or beautiful”, so if you haven’t used something in recent memory then get chuck it, and if it isn’t attractive to visitors then get rid.

2.       Get enough packing boxes for all your possessions. You’ll probably be surprised at how many you’ll need on removals day so ensure you have a lot. Boxed items are also easier to move, stack and put in vehicles.

3.       Ensure your possessions – particularly sofas – will fit in your new property. Take measurements and plan the space so that you can implement a comfortable design layout in your new home.

4.       Label or even colour-code your possessions and packing boxes by which room you want them placed in the new property. It will really speed up both the removals and unpacking process and you can use a checklist to see whether everything has arrived.

5.       Consider hiring cleaners to clean your new home before you move in so that it’s sparkling and ready to receive your possessions without the need for an all-night cleaning session. Also remember to lay down protection for floors and carpets while the moving team is in, as moves often drag in the dirt and weather from outdoors!