“The floored picture” a project between art and design

Nov 20, 2012 by

The suggested proposal this time is on the carpet with the emotions of a picture. It brings the weaving path of the carpet to the painting technique. It traces the inspiration of the artist to express his views on a new media. This is the challenge that kicked off the project “The floored picture.”

The floored picture

The floored picture

But who are the protagonists of the project? Weave, an Italian company that produces carpets and textile accessories of furniture, all made by hand. The do: galleries, paintings, home decoration, design and creativity since 1982. Finally Fulvio Dot, an internationally renowned artist who describes reality in ways refined and precious, reconciling data rational ancestry with those of architectural gesture plus sign and color.

Design and art together it is then; where the boundaries of both are confused as often happens. The carpet is a work of art through its nodes of tradition, taste and refinement.

The DOT collection meets two experiences, two traditions, two ways of understanding and interpreting the art (Framework and carpet) So different and yet so similar; two complementary visions of the world, two techniques to tell the good.

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