Speaking of interior design, nursery and children’s room seem to be most complicated and, at the same time, the most exciting assignments. Indeed, there are many issues parents should consider before starting the project, including consulting with architects, professional designers and even psychologists. The last ones might give valuable pieces of advice concerning how room’s appearance might influence on children’s behavior, character and outlook. It is a fact of common knowledge that since early years kids are tended to be affected by surrounding, and their room is not an exception. There are many recommendations, which feature appropriate choice of color, materials and furniture, making specific zones and lightening, and, of course, safety issues. In this context, there are some nice ideas that have taken these suggestions into account.


During decades bright and colorful wallpapers were in “a la mode” status, but recently many specialists agreed that it is a holdover from the old days. Additionally, cartoon heroes and various animal fonts gawking at the child are recognized to have negative effect on child’s nervous system, especially those ones performed in reddish and royal violet tints. Confusion and anxiety are totally excluded if using warm tones. Besides, it could not but develop a good sense of taste from little up.

Children's room
Children’s room


While raising a child, parents should be prepared to face constant interior damage, including broken glass stuff and splattered wallpapers. Therefore, interior materials and furniture on reasonable prices are recommended. Moreover, they should be comfortable in cleaning, heating and safety. Perhaps, it is one of the points standing regardless current fashion trends. Being excited with mobile games or intellectual quests, a kid should be prevented from any possible wounds, which means avoiding sharp angles, glass doors, broken parts of the furniture, and even hot surfaces of radiators. One more thing to note is that room space should be used rationally and space-saving, as it is essentially the place where a child learns, draws, plays and, particularly, cherishes its first dreams.

Blue room
Blue room


Decor of children’s room is one of the most adventurous challenges for modern designers. Less of them pay attention to price and extra expenses, but it does not undermine incredible creativity of their ideas. Many of them might be adapted in correspondence to parents’ and kids’ needs. One of recent trends is focused on creating kids’ room according to their hobbies and interests that requires taking into account every detail and accessories – wallpapers, shades, ceiling paint, furniture stuff, etc. You never can tell, maybe it is in very deed a room of a future football player? Vintage design, probably, is the one that never goes out of fashion. In this case, children’s room might be decorated as a set of retro and contemporary accessories that definitely invests in child’s curiosity and cognitive needs. Lettering is one of the designer’s approaches, which features signing every item with beautiful and readable typefaces. It is likely to enhance kid’s reading skills and getting ready to school.

Children's room unique decoration
Children’s room unique decoration

It is said that design of a children’s room is one of the obligatory things young parents should do while having a baby on a way. No doubt, it is hard to argue, as it should be a small and exciting world of the most important person in your life.