Euro 2012: the sport on your table Boguslaw Sliwinski

Sep 8, 2012 by

It was nominated as the perfect collection of sports-inspired dishes. The Polish artist Boguslaw Sliwinski has designed a new collection of ceramic plates.

Boguslaw Sliwinski sport place

Boguslaw Sliwinski sport place

After his relation with the architectural side and after the Transportation Plates series, the artist got that inspiration from the world of sport. When the theme of the game was about to begin, the point was that the fans could enjoy they dinner in front of the screen with the “Sports Plates”, a series of high realization ceramics in which the food is prepared in such a way that it visually symbolizes a particular sport, ranging from football to parachuting. The dish becomes something more; it becomes a material that is combined with physical activity sports. Art, sports, cooking meet to train the eye to recognize this fusion of genres.

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