Your home and your pets can cohabitate

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When we have adapted our home to our taste and we have impressed here our personal touch, the entrance of pets is a topic full of doubts and fears; but if we want a pet and we know that the convivence is possible, here I bring you some tips to allow the entrance of these little animals in your life!

First of all it’s well known that it’s easy to have small pets like birds, turtles or hamsters, which only require an air freshener to eliminate possible bad smells. However, as the size of our pet increases, so does the difficulty! If we want a bunny or a Guinea pig we have to change some things; these animals weren’t born to live in their cages, so we should allow them certain daily freedom in the house. To make this possible, we have to tidy up the rooms and hide the wires cause the teeth of these rodents never stop growing and they need to be constantly biting something to file them, and it’s always better a prize stick for rabbits than our shoes!

Guinea Pig in the House

Guinea Pig in the House

For the most typical pets, doggies and kitties, today I recommend to change the wooden floor for a tile one. These pets find the polished wood slippery, so they change their way of walking and this will damage their hip. Plus, it won’t leave any spots when you clean it if they urinate there!

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