White is a neutral color, and it’s very bright and open. It makes tight spaces look wider than they really are. It brightens up almost anything. It indicates the feeling of sanitation and cleanliness. It signals the vibe of positivity, paradise and calmness. White is a perfect color for practically everything in the home, but rarely do people adapt it to their dining area.

It Magnifies Dirt

When white gets dirty, even for just a bit, it gets easily noticed. White with the smallest blemish is no longer pure white. It’s speckled or dirty white. However, if you are someone who is keen about cleanliness in the dining room, where you eat, go for white linens or runners. Or better yet, buy those utterly white table surfaces. When cleaning time comes, it’s going to be a tough job, but you’ll know you’re done because the white is white.


It Illuminates Things

White with a touch of color like red, blue or orange, makes things come alive. It is the foundation of a bold contrast. You can pretty much pair it with the weirdest or boldest of colors, like neons and glitters, and it doesn’t take it to the extreme. It just tones down what is actually rather daring.

It Stretches Space

Yes, it makes space look bigger. So if your dining area is a bit cramped, make it appear more spacious and more inviting by adding a dash of whites. Perhaps you can go for white walls, white ceilings with a a bit of wood details. Then you can match it up with white wooden or steel frames for your dining set, with contrasting colors for the cushion.


It Alarms Guests

Well, some guests can be rowdy. But if you put on white, they will surely be more cautious about spilling their drinks or putting up their shoes on the couch, or perhaps smudging your linen with those dark, sticky, gooey chocolate cream. And your kids will be as careful, too.

It’s No-nonsense to Clean

White is white. When it gets dirty, your usual bleach can handle it. You don’t need to worry about faded colors, or what-nots. You just clean it the way you’d clean dirty baby towels.