On the occasion of Milan Design Week 2013, Puglia Region has resulted in Triennale the best products made ​​in Puglia with an exhibition entitled “hAbitapulia: Future and Innovation Do in Puglia.” Twenty-two companies from Puglia were presented with a type of products ranging from kitchens to sofas, armchairs and chairs, bookcases, tables, lamps, furniture, pottery and ceramics, bathroom furniture, and other furnishings in stone.


The exhibition, curated by Quell and Studio De Lucchi, was dedicated to the presentation of the best expressions in the design with sustainability and innovation of process and product of the “Making Puglia”.

In the exhibition space “hABITAPULIA” materials such as wood, stone, clay and fabrics were presented to the public modeled by the activity and ingenuity of the best Apulian companies in full compliance with eco-sustainability.

Roots, innovation, sustainability: the distinctive features of hABITAPULIA. Gaudio, a company of Molfetta, for example, has developed, combining walnut directed an innovative material such as DuPont Corian, a kitchen with a highly innovative design with an electronic system for lifting and opening baskets and drawers.

Additionally, it’s pure design comforted also Cinzia Fasano Pottery Grottaglie, which has created an elegant and sophisticated table matching the capase, conical containers in which they were originally preserved with olives, simple slabs of wood. And again, Corvasce Savino di Barletta,transformed a few grams of cardboard in a light but solid library as an oak tree.