Rihanna’s luxurious house

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Waking up  is another experience for a person like Rihanna. Just the thought that when she opens her eyes she sees the sun rising above the pool house will make you understand the luxury and comfort that this house provides her. This is not the only advantage that her new acquisition has. The mansion she bought in Los Angeles is worth $ 12 million dollars. The home of Rihanna has seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms and twenty parking spaces. The pool has a majestic view and to the tip of there’s a big luxurious jacuzzi. As for the decoration, the word luxury is not sufficient to describe what one can see inside.

Below you will see indoor and outdoor pictures of Rihanna’s mansion that will surely amaze you.

Rihanna's Mansion

Rihanna’s Mansion

Rihanna's Mansion, Poolside

Rihanna’s Mansion, Poolside

Rihanna's Mansion, Jacuzzi

Rihanna’s Mansion, Jacuzzi

Rihanna's Mansion, Living room

Rihanna’s Mansion, Living room

Rihanna's Mansion, Kitchen

Rihanna’s Mansion, Kitchen

Rihanna's Mansion, Bedroom

Rihanna’s Mansion, Bedroom

Rihanna's Mansion, Bathroom

Rihanna’s Mansion, Bathroom

By Nicole P.

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