Risolì, the leading company in the production of cookware made ​​of cast with thick aluminum, has introduced its new line Granite in Macef 2013.


The focus of Risolì is on the needs of the market and the continuous research on materials and innovations that have led to the development of the Granite line that is consisted of griddles, pans, pots and pans Aluminum Die thick, made with the new triple layer non-stick coating with added of microparticles minerals Hardstone, which guarantees high performances, a maximum non-stick, greater strength and durability.

This coating allows a natural fat-free cooking and easy cleaning with the characteristics of cast aluminum that also allows for better heat distribution and uniform cooking with low heat without heat loss and without distortion while maintaining the taste and flavor of foods .

Cooking with Granite helps to reduce the consumption of gas, also its cleanliness requires minimal amount of water and detergent, helping to protect the environment by avoiding waste. Like all other lines Risolì Granite is also without PFOA,