Bathrooms can take on a dated look quickly, and updating the appearance can be costly. If you don’t have thousands of dollars for a new bathroom, you can still enjoy a new look. There are several changes you can make in this room that won’t break the bank and will make a huge difference.


A Can of Paint
Most bathrooms are on the small side, so you won’t need much paint to change the colour. Choose a new shade to add style and your own personal touch to the room. A deep shade adds depth and drama, or you may go for something airy to make it seem more spacious and welcoming. If you have a great deal of wall space and want more personality, consider an opulent wallpaper.

In addition to painting the walls, you can also use the paint and a brush to change your cabinets. Even dark oak cabinets that scream 1984 can be transformed into beautiful modern cabinets with a polished white finish. Start by cleaning them with all-purpose cleaner, lightly sand the surface, apply a primer and then paint the cabinets your chosen colour.

Refresh Fittings & Fixtures
Cabinets, walls and doors might look like such a small thing, and yet they make a serious impact. According to, even your choice of bath mat can make a big difference. Improve your bathroom for less by changing dated cabinet handles with something fresh, installing towel bars and tissue holders that have modern style and even installing new doorknobs.

Beadboard Wainscoting
What do you do if the walls in your bathroom have some damage to them? The ghosts of wallpaper past could be lingering, or you may have damage to the sheetrock from tiles that were removed. Wainscoting sheets are actually very affordable, and they add a great deal of style to any room. Cut them into four-foot heights and glue them to the wall. Topped with a chair rail and a contrasting colour on the upper section of wall, beadboard adds style and class to any bathroom without breaking the budget.

Update the Lighting
Sometimes, just changing the lights can make a drastic difference. New lighting is available for less than $100, and it can make all the difference in the world. If you have old Hollywood lighting with the glaring round bulbs, switch it out for a beautiful sconce that casts the light downward and softens the glow.

You don’t have to live with a dated and dull bathroom. With these easy changes, you can freshen the room and drastically change the look without spending a fortune. New lighting, hardware and a simple coat of paint can take your dated bathroom from boring to extraordinary.