Long gone are the days when the average Australian backyard simply consisted of a hills hoist surrounded by grass, grass and more grass. Whilst this type of yard provided an excellent arena for fierce backyard cricket battles, it offered little in terms of lifestyle options and ensured a good chunk of the homeowners weekends were spent stuck behind a lawnmower. These days it’s all about creating functional living spaces with an emphasis on low-maintenance designs – meaning you can spend more time relaxing and less time mowing!

Backyard  Makeover
Backyard Makeover

Here’s some simple tips to bring your backyard into the 21st century:

Start With a Good Plan

When you decide to give your backyard a makeover, it’s crucial that you start out with a detailed plan, including a realistic budget. Is there a special look or style you want to have? Or, are you trying to keep it simple so that you don’t have a lot of maintenance to worry about – No matter what you decide the possibilities are only limited by your imagination (and budget).

Creating Levels

One of the more popular trends in landscaping is creating different levels in the backyard. With a little help from a mini excavator, you can create different sections in your yard to use for different functions. For example, you can have one level of the yard be a playground for the kids, the next level for entertaining and another level for your veggie patch.

Day and Night

When you give your yard a makeover, think of what it will be like at night as well as during the day. If you makeover the yard, you can have a party or neighbourhood get together by adding some torches or garden lights to enjoy a magical experience. Some people have started incorporating coloured lights into trees and plants to give the backyard some additional colouring. You can create a natural bar outdoors, add a fireplace and a Jacuzzi surrounded by a nice deck.

Archway and Patio Furniture

Another great idea when giving your yard a makeover is to include a nice archway. This will create a unique separation between different areas of the backyard and adds an “artsy” feeling to what was once a plain garden. Add some flowers and vines to grow along the archway for a natural feel.

Deciding to give your backyard a total makeover can be a lot of fun. You can use your own originality and imagination to create a place you can feel comfortable and at home. With a little creativity, your landscaping makeover will make your yard stand out from the rest and add a fun and natural feel to your home.