For your modern home, the furniture design trend for 2016 is going towards bright colors, exotic and unique designs with space in mind as well as contemporary materials. Visually heavy furniture designs will be taking the backseat to give way to light and bright pieces.

Here are some modern furniture design changes to watch out for 2016:

Unique and Exotic

There will be a blend of oriental, traditional and ornamental designs this year. Asian and African designs along with Scandinavian touches will serve as accents for the modernist’s home interior. These unique pieces will complement existing traditional designs.


Green Furniture

With many people being aware of the environment, the trend is gearing towards green technology and materials in the furniture and fabric. Recycling and repurposing will continue to make waves and choice of materials will be more eco-friendly. Moreover, designers will be injecting practicality in their designs by incorporating fresh materials with contemporary designs and using a plethora of materials, from plastic to fiber glass.

Curvy and Bright

The new trend transforms furniture into artwork pieces with its artistic and unique shapes and materials. Metal alloys and wood will be used frequently to come up with pieces that are not only artsy but also aesthetically crafted. Also, bright hues will be a big thing this year, along with economical materials blended together to provide sophistication and uniqueness in the home interior.


Retro yet Modern with Accentuating Colors

For versatility in design, colors can be in straight lines and furniture can have geometrical shapes. Old furniture can be reupholstered to retain its classic look but with a twist. Chairs and sofas are now light, easily movable and versatile enough to fit both small and large spaces. Pink and red colors are great accents for contemporary furniture design.