With Floorplans you can design a single room or an entire house directly from the iPad or the iPhone and even complete it with furniture and other furnishings. This is one of the many times your smartphone choices from Dialaphone.co.uk serve both function and fun!

home decor app

In this application all you need to do is enter the perimeter of the room or rooms of a house, simply by moving your finger on the screen. With Floorplans you can still import projects in PDF and JPG or even sketches drawn on a paper as the app is able to perform a calculation on the size and automatically create the perimeter of the various rooms. This is a perimeter that can always be changed by hand.

Once the exact perimeter is inserted, the user can add doors and windows with a simple click choosing its size. After this first part, you can fill your home decor project with chairs, tables, sofas, beds, toilets and so on. The app is able to automate the distances of objects, to create what could be the real furniture and a good sense of space.

The projects can be exported and shared in PDF format and JPG. Therefore you can share them with everyone even if they’re not using an iPad or iPhone.

Floorplans app is well designed, professional and easy to use. It is also suitable for those who want to buy a new home, for those who want to renovate their home or for those who work in real estate as it combines fun and functionality to provide not only a plaything but also a tool for future home decoration planning.