Gardens are often forsaken in terms of redecoration, with most of the focus and budget being spent indoors instead. However, if you consider your outside space as an extra room you’ll quickly realise what a wasted opportunity it is.  Here are five simple ways to boost your neglected garden.

Garden Dazzle
Garden Dazzle

1: Get some decent garden furniture. It doesn’t have to be fancy (but it can be if you like!) but it makes all the difference going outside to a welcoming table and chairs rather than a rusty old cast iron bench that looks like it’s been dredged from a canal.

2: Fix and paint the fence. Broken, damaged, dilapidated fences aren’t just an eyesore they’re a security risk too. Burglars will undoubtedly choose a house with an easy exit route through a broken panel rather than one with a solid border. Fences may seem a big expense but think of it as an investment in your security.

3: Clear out any neglected water features. There’s nothing quite as sad or unappealing as an overgrown pond forgotten in the corner of the garden. If you don’t want it get rid of it. Donate the fish to someone else with a pond and fill it in, now you have more room for something you do like, like flowers or a vegetable patch.

4. Get on top of your weeding. It’s one of those tasks that seems like it’s a mammoth undertaking, however once you get stuck in it doesn’t take as long as expected, and more importantly it’s great exercise too. Once you’ve done that first big attack maintenance weeding is easy to handle and you’ll start enjoying showing off your flower beds to your friends.

5. Get some friends over and set the mood. Beautiful scented candles dotted about, safely in whimsical jam jars or specialist lanterns, make a relaxing evening chat in your newly improved garden all the finer. Best Kept Secrets handmade candles complement your efforts by creating a soft glow to view your own private section of England’s green and pleasant land.

So there you have it, five easy steps to turn that neglected outside living room into a dazzling outdoor space of your own. And remember next time you’re tempted to give the weeding a miss that a garden is only as good as you make it, and what you put in you will get out. Literally in the case of a vegetable patch!