The mattress Bedstead Distinction is an exclusive mattress made by Vi-Spring and characterized by a double layer of springs arranged in a honeycomb covered with Shetland wool and pure British wool, horsehair and cotton carded by hand. Optimum comfort for your bedroom, and a touch of great value for your nights.

Distinction Bedstead Mattress
Distinction Bedstead Mattress

The springs

A fundamental characteristic of the mattress Bedstead is certainly represented by the presence of soft double layer, with wire 1.32 mm and 52 mm in diameter, sewn in individual bags ready to hand in a honeycomb structure.

The edge

The edge of the mattress is 23 cm high with 4 rows of stitching (also made entirely by hand). There are also eight horizontal handles, and openings on all sides. The soups are filled with coconut fibers and wool while the entire board is finished with lining edges, giving the whole structure the greatest impression of solidity.

The padding

Of great interest is also the padding of the mattress which makes use of a protective coating of the springs in wool, so structured as follows:
– 1,000 gsm blended British wool and cotton
– 1,350 gsm horsehair long fiber carded by hand with Shetland wool and bamboo, wrapped in cotton cambric
– 900 gsm Shetland wool and cotton.

The whole is covered with high quality Belgian cloth, choice from the collection company, and quilted by hand with wool tassels tied by hand. Overall, the mattress Bedstead Distinction basically adapts to rooms with classic attitude and those who want maximum comfort by night. Available in various sizes (standard single, standard double, king size and super king), is a choice of great impact to make unique your bedroom.