Closets have a tendency to be receptacles for the stuff no one cares about any more. Remember those barefoot running shoes you spent hundreds of dollars on before remembering you could just run, barefoot? In the closet. Those bottles you bought especially for the home brew you were going to make, before you realised you like going to the bottle-o and trying a different brew every few weeks? In the closet. Renovate your closet using these ideas to ensure that if it’s full of junk, at least the junk is organised.

Closet Renovation
Closet Renovation

Start with what you have

Clear out all the stuff from the closet and have a look at what you have, and then decide on some ideas based on the space. Do you have room for some new shelves or do you need to demolish the closet altogether and start from scratch? Will expanding your current closet work? If there’s room for a reno, read on.

Craft some new shelves

Do you have a tree in the yard that needs felling? Once you’ve used your chainsaw to break the wood down into more manageable pieces, use your circular saw to carve some new shelves for the closet so you can store things more intelligently. Need a nudge in the right direction to get a chain saw? STIHL chain saws are always a winner.

Knock out some room

If you have the space, knock out one of the walls of the closet so you can expand it from a tiny hole in the wall to a full size closet. You’ll then have more room to incorporate other renovation ideas instead of being constrained by the space available. Just don’t knock out a load bearing wall or you’ll have a whole other renovation to consider.

Add some drawers

You can add extra storage space to your closet if you build in some drawers. That way, you can have the space in the drawers and the space on top of the chest. Drawers are good for keeping all those annoying little things in one place so you don’t end up with tennis balls rolling around the bottom of your closet, ready to trip you when you’re getting those barefoot running shoes out to give them another go.

Fix anything shabby

So now you’ve dealt with the inside of the closet, you need to run your attention to the outside. Are the doors looking good, or can you see all the bits where the dog chewed them when he was a puppy? Are there crayon marks on the back of the closet where the kids practised their scribbles before you found them and told them not to? Paint over the crayon marks and scratches and consider replacing the door/s to the closet if it’s less hassle than repairing the chips and cracks.

Renovating your closet is a good starting point for the rest of your renovations. Once you have your closet in good condition, there’s no end to the possibilities.