When the days get colder and the nights get longer, there’s one thing that can bring a ray of light into our lives, and that’s Christmas. If you want to let festive cheer fill your home, take a look at these tips to help you bring all the magic of the festive season in from the cold.

Home decor in Christmas
Home decor in Christmas

Lay out some red accessories. Take a look at the range available from Debenhams; cushions, throws, vases, ornamental lettering – it all spells Christmas!

Make the most of your fireplace. This feature of your home will always hold a sense of magic at this time of year, even when dreams of Santa are long gone. Drape some holly over the top and, if you have a mirror or picture frame hanging above it, give that a little festive foliage too.

If you want to bring Christmas into other rooms in your home, don’t worry about only having one tree – poinsettias are perfect for creating that traditional seasonal feel. You don’t have to stick to just one either; when is the phrase “the more the merrier” more true than at Christmas?!

Christmas wreaths aren’t just for your front door; hang them over mirrors for a festive feature, just be sure to reflect the colours in their ribbons and adornments throughout the rest of the room. This will ensure a feeling of harmony permeates the space and the decoration really feels like it belongs.

For many, Christmas is about sticking to rigid tradition and making sure everything is exactly how their parents did it, and how their parents did it before them. If this is certainly not you, how about letting modern style guide you through the seasonal decorations? If you love symmetry, why not go for two small Christmas trees, positioned either side of your fireplace, a mirror, or your sofa? Or swap Christmassy reds and golds for cool contemporary blues and silvers, for a more minimalist-friendly take on the holiday look.