Tidying the garden is just one of the many chores that can be done at home. However, dealing with gardens can be very challenging if you don’t have a set of tools, especially when handling a huge landscape. Here are some basic tools that can help you in proper gardening:

Shovel – one of the most important and versatile tools in a gardener’s shed is the shovel. It is very essential in moving piles of leaves, soils and other stuff in the garden.

Garden Spade – often interchangeable with the shovel in clearing garden piles, they are not the same. Spades can be used for edging beds, working soil renovations, and slicing under sod.


Gloves – you should not forget using a pair of gloves to protect your hands from injuries that commonly happen in the garden.

Trowel – If you are planning to plant some bulbs or seedlings, trowels are good to dig out small holes or shallow-rooted weeds.

Kneepads and Kneeler – Gearing up before going to the garden is essential. Kneelers and kneepads are great to protect your knees when playing in the dirt.

Garden Fork – good for turning and aerating clay or soil, the garden fork is one that should not be forgotten. It is also ideal for coping with buried rocks or roots.


Garden Hoe – cultivating soil or removing young weeds can be effectively done with a garden hoe. This tool works the same as shovels but they have blades that need to be sharpened when it becomes dull.

Garden Rake – this piece of equipment is good for smoothing out or dressing up soil or mulch in planting beds.

Watering Can – this tool can be used to deliver moisture on the leaves of the plants. Apart from the watering hose, this can be used for small gardens.

Wheelbarrow – debris and excess of organic matter can be hard to dispose without a handy wheelbarrow.