Hiring a professional interior designer to redecorate your home can sometimes seem like one luxury too far, but there are many reasons why it’s worth considering. If you are investing into your property by redesigning it, a professionally trained eye will be able to kick start the ideas process and ensure that it all comes together.

Perfectly decorated house
Perfectly decorated house


An interior designer will know just about everyone you’re going to need to revamp your home, whether it’s plasterers and carpenters, or places to snap up the very best furniture and fabrics. Forget trawling through magazines and phone directories. Due to their position within the industry, your designer will be able to get their hands on just about anything you want, and often at reduced prices. In some cases, designers even have their own team of specialists that they have worked with on numerous projects. This saves you time and hassle, particularly as there is an element of risk involved with hiring tradesmen that you’ve never worked with before.


Although the professional you’ve hired seems to be solely focused on creating the right look for your home, they’ve also got one eye on the practicality. They will be more than aware that you and your family are going to live in the property and so they will be designing everything with that in mind. Style is obviously incredibly important when redesigning your interiors, but it can’t all be style over substance. Your designer will instinctively know what ideas work and what will lack functionality.


There is absolutely no point in having an absolutely stunning property that doesn’t reflect your personality, as it will never feel like your home. An interior designer will talk to you about what you like, whilst picking up suggestions from your existing décor and personality. These traits will then be seamlessly incorporated into the design. Interior design is about a lot more than giving the walls a lick of paint – that’s just decorating. Your designer will use their knowledge and expertise to create a room that is attractive, but also functional. They may use lighting, furniture, fabrics, colours, furniture and art to create the perfect space, just like a decorator, but they’ll also consider the architecture of the property. Getting your home designed by Betta Living can lift a huge weight off your shoulders. It doesn’t just mean you end up with the perfect home, but it can also save time and energy.