Tie-dye cloth has always been associated with the hippy era. But it has recently been making a comeback. What makes today’s tie-dye different from that of the 70’s is that it’s not the usual multi-color t-shirts that date back a few decades ago. Nowadays, tie-dyeing uses an ancient Japanese technique called shibori. Usually, you’ll see it in indigo color set against a white background. Because of this, many designers and homeowners have taken inspiration from it.

Here are five tasteful ways to use tie-dye to freshen up your home:

Rugs with bold statement

A large rug in indigo tie-dye will be great in your living room or dining area. This is especially true if the room is dominated by neutral colors or patterns. However, if you’re not sure about something as bold as a room-sized rug, you can use an accent piece instead. You can place a smaller one by the doorway to make for a good conversation starter.



If you want to an element of fun and nature into your bedroom, you can DIY or buy ready-made beddings in indigo tie-dye, which bring out the beachy and bohemian side of any room. You can then add beach-themed artwork and accessories to complement the look.


Want something out of the box? Try tie-dye upholstery for a change. It’s 2015, you should be venturing out of your comfort zone and trying new things that will only do more good than harm, especially when it comes to decorating your home. So, instead of the usual solid-colored chairs and tables, why not try an indigo tie-dye one?

Throw pillows


You can use these in your living area to give it a fun and interesting element. Mix and match different patterns as well as other colored cushions for a fresh, modern appeal.


Make an accent wall much more eye-catching with tie-dye wallpaper. You can use it in your bedroom, bathroom or even study area. You can even use it in a more open space.