If you’re considering modernising your bathroom, there are several factors to be aware of before you hotfoot it to your local DIY store armed with a credit card and an unquenchable thirst for tiles and towels.

Transform Your Bathroom
Transform Your Bathroom

While it’s an exciting decision to redecorate a tired looking bathroom, the journey from shabby to chic involves a raft of less than exhilarating choices before you’re relaxing in your Art Deco bathtub or washing away your troubles in your new power shower.

The overhaul of a bathroom can be laborious, expensive and overwhelming, which is why you should follow our five easy steps (below) to keep your project on the rails and help avoid potentially costly mistakes …

Outline Your Budget

Before you even begin to dream about the antique taps you’d like to beautify your sink, it’s vital to map out your budget and nail down exactly how much you’re willing to spend. Not only will a budget help you make choices about the fundamental elements of your new bathroom, it will show how much extra you have to spend on sprucing it up with added extras.

Time Is Of the Essence

Depending on the extent of your refurbishment, it’s important to be realistic about how long it will take to complete. This includes the ordering and delivery of products, ensuring your contractors are in place and ready to complete the job, as well as making provisions if it happens to be the one and only bathroom in your home.

Map Out Your Design

When it comes to the design of your bathroom, there’s a lot to be mindful of. From choosing the colour of the tiles, the type of shower you require, how many mirrors you need, and even the colour of bath mats you would like, it’s vital that your design choices are stylish AND functional to avoid changing it up later down the line.

Light Up Your World

Inadequate lighting in your bathroom has the potential to ruin its look and feel if you make the wrong choice. Obviously, the room will be used for various purposes at different times, which means you need to plan suitable lighting when it’s time for a relaxing soak in the tub or when it’s time for a quick shower to wake you up before work.


Whether it’s a toothbrush holder you’ve been watching on eBay, an antique mirror from a local auction room or a set of new towels courtesy of your local market, accessorising your renovated bathroom helps add your personal stamp. Admittedly, the less you spend on the big stuff, the more you can accessorise – but even on a budget, you can pick up some top quality items.