Gone are the days when our interest in windows was restricted to just finding attractive coverings that will brighten up our homes. Today, the choices have become so vast that consumers do not even focus only on aesthetics anymore. Equally as important, or maybe even more important to some, is the energy efficiency factor of windows.

Why Choose Energy-Efficient Windows?

The best benefit energy-efficient windows can give you is substantial reduction to the costs associated with heating and cooling your home. In other words, they help minimize your bills! Other than that, they can also help make your home feel more comfortable as they are designed to impact changes in temperature and humidity.


So if you are doing a major remodeling of your home and are considering replacing your windows, it would be wise to go for energy-efficient options. Here are some factors you should consider:


  • Wooden frames have the best insulative value because they are less prone to heat and cold transfer. However, because they are prone to rotting, they are impractical choices for homes in extreme humid climates.
  • Aluminum frames are practical choices for homes in hurricane-prone areas because of their strength.
  • Vinyl frames may be less expensive but they may not suit the aesthetic tastes of most homeowners.
  • Fiberglass frames are extremely energy-efficient and are the most durable. However, they are also the most expensive.


Once you have chosen your frame, the next you should consider is the glass. Have your glass windows coated with UV-repellent film. This is something most manufacturers use in tinting windows.


Films as such do not only preserve textiles and paint; they also contribute to keeping the house cooler as they filter sunlight entry.


Lastly, consider design.

Homeowners who seek environmental benefits from a window design should avoid configurations such as radius-style windows with circular or half-moon shapes. Fixed windows, or those that do not open, are also discouraged. If you want to live in the comfort of a breezy and chill home, go for active windows that provide inlet for fresh air.