Traditional materials for a modern kitchen

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This is a new modern kitchen that has been recently launched on the market and is a product of high technology and sophisticated composition which is similar to the modern kitchens by Wren kitchens. Following the dictates of minimal composition and a high degree of sophistication in finishes and colors, comes to light this high quality modern kitchen. Even the fact that this kitchen was designed in a minimal concept, it shows an accuracy of detail in which the modularity of the elements is highlighted by a surprisingly simple style while still providing a high quality of materials and high customization tailored finish.

Modern kitchen

Modern kitchen

It is characterized by a successful aesthetic choice in its extreme cleanliness of accessories or decorative elements: a kitchen where the “star” is the handle, which is continuous, without interruption, “married” with the basic idea of ​​the project in a unique way. The basic material of the handle is an alloy of aluminum in titanium finish. Just imagine the purity and material composition of this alloy penetrate the surfaces both on the bases and along the surface of the cabinet door in the kitchen. Imagine an aluminum perimeter which can occur both horizontally and vertically. Where? In the closets!

But there is more! Contemporary elegance and stylistic rigor are also synonyms of this kitchen. The volumes are harmony sharply and become timeless due to the use of natural materials. It also has a finish in warm wood combined with fine gradations of color that offer the temptation aesthetically valid lacquer, passing through the metallic lacquered and ending in the future, with the “ultimate version” or lacquering for mica surfaces that become really valuable.

Unique design

Unique design

The project combines in a successful way the past and the future and therefore the use of traditional materials for the modern kitchen and is at the forefront of technical and stylistic details: moreover there are over a hundred variations of door colors and finishes for this amazing modern kitchen.

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