Torremato lighting: the collection of Ovo outdoor lamps

Aug 12, 2013 by

These mysterious, ironic and empathic, lights inspired by the reign of the woods. OVO is a collection of outdoor lamps that evoke the shape of eggs, mushrooms that grow in the shade of chestnut.

Ovo Lamps

Ovo Lamps

The strong materiality wrap of terracotta terra di Siena (known for the particular shade of brown) and the characteristic shape, makes this collection perfect for outdoor stylish items from the thick design that fit naturally into the environment.

Ovo with the atmosphere becomes almost enchanted in the night: the light is emitted by a circle of holes at the height of the lampshade, lighting creates an suffused aura playing with terracotta shade that blends well with the natural elements that surround it. Alone or in groups, Ovo bears the signature of the designer Enzo Berti Torremato by Il Fanale Group.

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