The new chair of Elle Eugeni Quitllet | The soul of a minimal-chic chair

Dec 19, 2012 by

Simple and accurate, this is the style that differentiates Alias creations. Clean lines, rigorous geometries and detail give every piece of furniture the ability to always be contemporary and classy.

Alias Design

Alias Design

Elle is sleek and modern session, thanks to Eugeni Quitllet who is able to express the true essence of his idea. It is typical of this designer to lay bare the soul of every object and give an intense vision and profound analysis which was particularly successful in the case of Elle.

Elle is refined and sinuous, rounded and comfortable, where they found a way to meet different materials. In livelier the comparison becomes attractive and irresistible even in the encounter between different shades, and so the structure in painted or polished aluminum supports Tech polyurethane shells which is completely covered in leather or other nuances. The determination of the white & orange version is capable of turning any environment, while the total black is confirmed as an effective and impressive choice for inclusion in a bright and equally minimal.  If you afford to buy furniture for your house that are in the same class and price of Elle then you should consider an online home insurance because things can go wrong in the future.

Elle is not just a perfect representation of minimal-chic little touches like ergonomic lightweight pits dug in the session, in fact, it guarantees an adequate level of comfort, while the base is slightly inclined forward at the meeting gives a pleasant feeling of dynamism. In the new version of Elle the body and arms have been developed in an integrated manner.

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