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Raw, as may be the foods are also many materials before being processed and somehow “consumed”: ceramics, glass, porcelain, terracotta undergo the same transformations  that undergones the food. Raw is a collection that is born from the enthusiasm and  talent of five designers, united by the desire to tell and re-interpret the purity of everyday gestures through the preciousness of matter and its transformation.

Raw Materials

Raw Materials

The Raw project is atypical, designed by Barbara Busatta, Dario Buzzini, Robin Bigio, Martin Maler and Oliviero Zanon and is presented as a collection of accessories for the table that explores the combination of raw materials and their processing, exactly like a recipe kitchen reworks the ingredients of a dish.

Crudo di Atipico

Crudo di Atipico

The collection includes different types of containers for food or liquids, from elementary shapes in basic colors of black and brown, with a touch of color.

In particular, the families of Raw are four are independent from  each other but beautiful all together: there is a jug and two glasses, 4 plates and the salad bowl, the set of plate, bowl and cup and a set consisting of tray, salad bowl , plate and bowl.

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