Table lamps: Suegiò Cattaneo Et Cetera

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Simply defining table lamps would be quite an understatement, Suegiò is a powerhouse of innovation, design and pure spirit made in Italy. Essential in shape and sober in color it is produced in two versions, white lime and steel, and is a fun piece of furniture, a mat for every type of environment or apartment.

Suegiò di Cattaneo Et Cetera

Suegiò di Cattaneo Et Cetera

It has a simple structure: a circular base with a bulb to accommodate the light source (strictly cold) and a steel rod along which getst he upper part of the lamp in the specular millimeter of the base. This allows you to adjust it easily and completely separate the intensity of light that you want, responding to the many needs of daily life, from classical light from the living room to the small and barely visible from reading.

Suegiò di Cattaneo Et Cetera Lamps

Suegiò di Cattaneo Et Cetera Lamps

Produced by Cattaneo Et Cetera, Suegiò is an idea of the Milanese architect Tommaso di Caro, who in the creation of this object of so original and functional design was inspired by the image of the circle.

Suegiò has its own geometry consisting of three perfect circles. Maybe his accent is special? The cable to the socket is colored black and white, blue, red, green, just like those of the old irons typical of the 70s.

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