Table design: Pinocchio Service Table

Oct 6, 2012 by

What about a fairytale idea to decorate your living room: it is called Pinocchio and Service Tableand it is a coffee table design inspired by the famous wooden puppet.

Pinocchio service table

Pinocchio service table

There have been a lot of discussions about the bed Pincipessa Moroso, inspired by the tale of the princess and the pea. In our situation the stories continue to be the inspiration for the creation of new furnishings, such as the one we are going to present you today. Its name is Pinocchio Service Table and it was designed by Luigi Baroli for Valsecchi, a company specializing in the production of wooden objects, which for years has mobilized to environmental issues and has been releasing their items at zero kilometers. The piece has three adjectives: pop, cheerful, irreverent. It is perfect to combine it with modern furnishings, but also you can be a bit ironic.

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