Striped Home Decoration

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Stripes can be a fun and original way to customize your home, preferably in a defined portion and limited to avoid a redundant look. The lines, whether you want to apply them to the walls in case you’re one of the I love wallpaper people, or through furnishings, can adapt to any style and in any environment. Warm colors or neutral colors with smooth lines are perfect for a classic home. Brighter colors, shades and differences in thickness are on the other hand good for a contemporary home.

Striped Wallpaper

Striped Wallpaper

For wall stripes one can choose among countless brands and types of wallpaper. My favorites are by Deborah Bowness and Mrperswall. You can alternatively decide to paint the wall with the aid of adhesive tape application from time to time.

If an entire striped wall seems excessive, you can always decide to characterize a corner of your home with a striped piece of furniture, carpet, fabric or small accessories. The horizontal rows of different colors reduce the effect of psychedelic. Obviously it is better to customize just one wall, preferably in a minimal room with neutral colors.

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