Stosa Kitchens Maxim presents its new collection |Designed and engineered by architect Ettore Tinagli

Mar 19, 2013 by

Maxim allows you to create customized solutions with a more pronounced style thanks to the new modules that alternate rooms closed to open elements, large wardrobes and peninsulas. Maxim rereads the different composing modules by improving the ergonomics and its usability in their daily work and in the preparation of food, with basic h. 72cm modules. It has also been designed to adapt perfectly to the new housing solutions, which often have limited space.

Stosa Kitchen

Stosa Kitchen

The new Maxim proposal is available in three different finishes with soft, natural colors, ranging from two soft lacquered Ash and Ash Flanders Duna 9the small intestine Ash Silk). The solid door panels with a sp. 23mm frame with a clew are due to the vertical grain of matter that reproduces the natural feel of wood with the traditional features of the plot.

Customized kitchen

Customized kitchen

Kitchen by Stosa

Maxim, like all other collections Stosa Kitchens is supplied with hinges and sliding systems branded Grass, an Austrian company leading components for the furniture industry and has always been synonymous with quality and reliability.

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