Simple ways to inject rustic charm into your home

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The rustic look is a staple amongst interior design and one that will bring warmth and personality into your home. As with all other interior designs, in order to achieve a successful and balanced rustic living space you must tie in all aspects of the room, including the flooring, colour palette and décor.

Here are some simple ways to create a rustic charm that will seduce any design enthusiast;

1.    Use a muted tone on the walls

Use a muted tone on the walls

Use a muted tone on the walls 

When choosing a colour palette for your room, a muted earth tone will instantly offset rustic features and furniture. Light browns and greens, tans and off-whites are a good choice to build your design around. Stick to lighter and cleaner shades for kitchen and bathrooms and tailor the rustic style around wooden and muted items.

Tip: Once you have chosen the colour for your walls, complement them with furnishings in the accentuate shade. This means that if you have chosen soft brown to paint the walls with, use darker browns, light greens and, if you’re feeling daring, cranberry red to bring the room to life.

 2.    Match light fixtures in distressed metal or wood

Match light fixtures in distressed metal or wood

Match light fixtures in distressed metal or wood

Using shiny metal lamps or chandeliers will clash with your décor and spoil the rustic design. You should therefore stick to distressed metal, wrought-iron or rough-hewn wood lighting fixtures in hanging lights or floor lamps. Artistic fixtures such as oil lamps, antler-themed lights or paper lamps with silhouetted animals are a fun way to light up your home. Online retailers have a large selection of characterful lamps and chandeliers, which will bring a flawless finish to rustic homes.

Tip: Make sure you choose the right light fixture for your space. Chandeliers make a bold statement and can be used in any room, but make sure you choose the correct size. Decide what the fixing will be hanging above, whether this is a sofa or table, and choose a size that is not too large to overpower it but not too small to go unnoticed. Floor lamps are always a good choice to create mood lighting in lounges and studies.

 3.    Tailor your décor to the theme 

Tailor your décor to the theme

Tailor your décor to the theme

Deep hued and wooden furniture should be used when decorating your interior as these will be an aesthetically pleasing contrast to the muted colour scheme. Oak tables, chairs and cabinets are an easy choice as the tone of this rich wood is a perfect match with rustic palettes. It’s easy to find the right piece for your room, as you can purchase rustic oak furniture at and other online retailers. In addition to this, use large billowy cushions or soft throws and rugs to create rustic asymmetry.

Tip: A highly sought-after feature of rustic interiors is wooden ceiling beams. Many modern homes do not include this, but it is easy enough to recreate. Faux wood beams can be purchased relatively inexpensively and are quick and easy to install. Alternatively, if you want more of an authentic look you can install reclaimed church or barn beams, which have been refinished and repurposed from their original source.

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