November house organization tips

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Believe it or not, the winter holidays are coming very soon. Down below you a read a few reminders and some tips that will help you get organized in the coming weeks for the winter holidays.

Organize the list for your Christmas cards

Do you send cards for Christmas? Start this year a little early by checking the list of your addresses and renewing any old addresses. Choose beautiful envelopes and print them directly to the recipients or print on stickers. The same book and the cards are going to send through the internet. Build your list of recipients in a new folder so that you can make group a sending, check the emails you want to send your wishes and select a date to upload.

Christmas Card List

Christmas Card List

Make a list of your Christmas gifts

Make a list of your Christmas gifts. You already made a list of your Christmas gifts? Begin to shop these gifts and start from handmade items that you have considered offering as gifts for the holidays. You will enjoy it and will not have the pressure of last minute shopping in December.

Christmas Gift List

Christmas Gift List

Organize your Festive Decor

If you are one of those who start the festive decorations early but picky when removing the Christmas decorations from your box, there’s no need to use them all. Select the style and colors you want to have this year in the  festive decorations of your house and you start to add subtle hints until you get the desired result.

Christmas ornaments

Christmas ornaments

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