Morandine Sonia Pedrazzini: the collection of candles to compose dead lifesstyle Morandi

Aug 29, 2013 by

Morandine is a collection of candles that can compose dead lifestyles ” Morandi-style” design by Sonia Pedrazzini. The project participates in the exhibition “Worthy of Note. Design in Italy in critical times” at DMY Berlin. Morandine is a number of candles whose shapes were inspired by those of the objects used by Giorgio Morandi to achieve its famous still lifes.



The intention of this project is to bring people to the extent possible, to “do Morandi”, to his profound experience of interaction with everyday objects, all focused on the concepts of change and the imperceptible movement, time dilation and brightness within.

The result of many years of research on the expressive system was compositional and formal by Morandi’s still lifes – these candles make palpable the waxy light of his paintings. Whoever owns them can interact with them, arranging them with the same care with which the Master moved and had his objects and created their own mental maps and routes, of which he stamped the signs on his work tables.

Everyone can then choose the candles and may prefer to create their own “still life” format according to his taste and sensibility. Morandine is of different shapes and colors in the most typical Morandi colors.

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