Modern wall hangers: Garagedesign recycles from ski equipments

Oct 19, 2012 by

Garagedesign recycles old skis and turns them into a coat rack wall with minimalist design. In this period, which is marked by the global economic crisis, the designers also follow new trends, such as recycle items that you no longer use. It is from here the idea of Garagedesign of reusing forgotten mountain sports equipments in a corner of the closet in order to create a hanging wall of respect.

Coat rack designed by recycled skis

Coat rack designed by recycled skis

Its name is Sciccosissimissimo and it is made with real skis and reassembled paintings that create a coat rack with three branches where you can place coats, scarves and hats; an idea which is certainly very original and pops to furnish a dark corner of your apartment .

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