Mastro Raphael household linen: the new collection of Rows Around

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Sleeping on a very calm linen, indulged in the colors of the beach in the summer, painted by the apparent regularity of the rows Jessy, Rigo, Rigoletto and Rigatino, the four facets of the new collection of lingerie Lines Around Mastro Raphaë;, can give you the best satisfaction and relaxation.

Righe Around Collection

Righe Around Collection

The nuances of the beach before sunrise, when the aurora cools the sky with the color scale of the purple, or the colors of the middle of the day, when the golden shore meets the blue of the water and then the sky with its clouds are some of the emotions that you will get. Endless landscapes marked by the alternation of summer shades that the combination of lines (thin or thick, regular or irregular, sparse or dense) draws on the legendary linen Mastro Raphaël, creating elegance outside the box.

Mastro Raphaël invites you to break the rigor of the lines and to abandon the logic of the set, playing with designs Jessy, Rigo, Rigatino and Rigoletto in order to: create combinations, choosing the preferred striped dress for each element (top sheet, bottom sheet, pillow cases, quilt, duvet and duvet cover) and then combine everything in a refined and fresh summer suit for your bed.

It is in a few words a complete collection, also declined in sponges, fabric and curtains decoration: common denominator, stretches of lines that tell – the legendary linen Mastro Raphaël – the excellence and savoir-faire of the company of Spoleto.

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