Lu Murano chandeliers: TechnoLUgy, the new carbon fiber

May 18, 2013 by

LU LU Murano chandeliers unveiled new carbon fiber. The maestro Fabio Fornasier gave new glimpses of light in the culture of Murano and updateed to the contemporary side.



TechnoLUgy is the new LU carbon fiber, a new-lightweight material, able to surprise and more open to experimentation and less tied to the classical canons. With TechnoLUgy expand, in fact, the possibility of installation and uses of his creations are a few. The new LU carbon fiber is a chandelier designwith innovative material that cancels the weight problem.

TechnoLUgy weighs in fact 4 kilograms, one-tenth of the standard weight of the same design in glass. In addition to solving the problem given by the weight, the new LU, thanks to the choice of carbon fiber, does not run the risk of breakage or of oxidation. Each piece of the new chandelier is played using resin molds made ​​from ad hoc blown chandeliers by the maestro Fabio Fornasier for the new product, thus remaining faithful to the design of LU Murano.

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