Lighting news: Frank Table Lamp

Sep 16, 2012 by

The Frank Table Lamp is a beautiful table lamp that echoes the minimalist style, which showcases the materials and structures of the object itself, becoming a main feature. Its name is Frank Table Lamp and it was carried out with Oliver Hrubiak in Oliver’s studio in Nottingham.

Frank Table Lamp

Frank Table Lamp

It is a small sculpture, an object that decorates the living and the colors. The lamp has a light head, thanks to the metallic body color that you can rotate and tilt. It has an aesthetic simplicity and enhances the material. The protagonists are painted steel, ash, aluminum and small but no less important the brass details. It was designed for those who love to mix ‘old’ and ‘new’ contemporary tastes and references to the history of design. The extra touch that really works is the electrical wire red.

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