Karman presents the lamp Life from Euroluce

Mar 9, 2013 by

Life (design by Matteo Ugolini) is one of the innovations that Karman presented at Euroluce 2013, on the occasion of the Salone del Mobile 2013, and takes us back in time, showing us that the past can give value to the present. Inspired by the chandeliers with fabric shade than once Karman proposed a lamp with a retro flavor and a bit of nostalgia, but using cutting-edge technologies.

Life lamp

Life lamp

The ripped and ruined a vintage fabric is actually the result of a semi-industrial process, which is generally used in the fashion industry. The cloth is first dyed and processed by laser to get the design specially designed by Karman. It is then treated by hand to make the break and mending. Finally, the process is washed with stone wash and sprayed with a special pigment that gives the “used” effect.

Euroluce lamp Vintage lamp

The fabric is treated so as to be lived, giving the feeling of owning something familiar, though, and creating new, with its amber color, a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

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