Jacuzzi presents Flow | The new iconic project with Daniel Libeskind

Apr 14, 2013 by

Fuorisalone 2013 Jacuzzi is signed by Daniel Libeskind, which gives life to a space project being able to transform a purely functional object in an exclusive and luxurious design icon.



Flow was created by starting from the innovative City Spa Jacuzzi which is the result of the interaction between two classical geometries, with a circular base that by twisting gradually becomes square in the top deck. Its shape resembles the intricate Roman baths and the eccentric tanks of the Baroque, as well as retrieves the rotary motion of a vortex sea. A deep dive into the world of well-being, that of Libeskind with Flow, which brings its architecture to scroll through the veins of precious materials in a project that reflects its multidisciplinary approach to an urban design vision, contextualized in the discovery of a place created to evoke balance and harmony with your body and soul.

Fashion Jacuzzi

Fashion Jacuzzi

An iconic product, Flow, which marks the beginning of an interesting collaboration between Daniel Libeskind and Jacuzzi that will continue with the construction of a line of bathtubs and showers and the result of the profound interest of the famous international architect for the world of everyday objects and the they reveal aspects of the environment and the people who use them.

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