Ilaria Innocenti presents “TP”, three families of handmade carpets

Oct 1, 2013 by

Ilaria Innocenti presents “TP”, three families of handmade carpets in Sardinia – the Sardinian sheep’s wool, with technical Sardinian Sardinian and working when you feel inspired to do so. The designer offers his own idea of ​​sustainability linked to a different way of living and, only then, to produce.



“The carpets were the homes of the nomads, they spread them, wherever they came, and that was their home. I looked around, I realized that we live in a time when everyone, in one way or another, is nomadic, and I thought there was a need for more carpets, “said Ilaria Innocenti.

Traditional craftsmanship and current sensibility meet in this collection of nine carpets, handloom products with and knotted – always at hand – according to the traditional production technique of Sardinian Villamassargia.

Ilaria takes this opportunity to carry out his research work on a language that combines freehand drawings, textures and collage to form the plot of the story.


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