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The autumn chill and the first rains, have already given us the  taste of winter, which will soon make his presents more strongly. Now is the time to jump on winter and get organized. Our first task, is to pick up from our wardrobe the summer clothes and take down the warmer clothing. It is a tedious process, but unfortunately we can not avoid it.

Inevitably, we should collect them carefully and store them for the winter months until spring comes again. Therefore this procedure should be done with meticulous program to keep our clothes without problems from humit. Let’s look at some basic principles that will help you in this seasonal task.

1. If you have enough space in your closet to fit it all in, then things are simple. However, if you see that some clothes that you are not going to use them for several weeks or months, you should hang them in special bags for clothes you will find in your nearest super market, so they can remain clean.

Storage items

Storage items

2. Your summer shoes, also should be stored in hard cartons in stacks. You can also put your shoes in a big carton and store them all together in the loft to free up space in your closet.

3. Usually under bed there is a insufficient space that remains unused. Get big and hard cartons and place there your summer clothes that need hanging, such as T-shirts, your pants, your summer skirts or even beach clothes, ​​neatly into plastic bags that you can find again in the super market. Finally, seal the containers with wide tape, so the dust wont affect them, and place them under your bed.



4. Your summer bags also need their separate care. Fill them with paper to keep them fit and place them in bags. If the bags are leather, it is better placing them in cloth bags and put them all together in a box.

5. Before you collect anything, make sure it is clean, ventilated and doesn’t hold any moisture.

If you follow these simple tips, the spring will rediscover your clothes fresh and clean and ready to reuse.

By Nicole P.

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