Foscarini Merus wine tasting in California

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By buying Merus label2007, Mark Herold commissioned the design firm Design Uxus the conversion of an old barn vineyard located in California in an exclusive place meant for the wine tasting: the winery Merus.

Foscarini Merus

Foscarini Merus

To illuminate the cellar, dedicated to events he has been chosen to complete the Allegro collection: It will be a Precious, Vivid and Rhythmic chase with their waltz lines. Thanks to the double light source they designed an attractive shadow which is projected on the floor in concrete cast and vaulted red wine and at the same time the tasting area is hit by direct full light. The room is fully air-conditioned in order to leave the room in the right temperature for the wine but also to please the visitors.  Another project was to add adjustable ceiling fans in order to have the air running all over the rooms.

It is a stunning interior design that combines clean lines with the classic taste of the underground cellars to the refined language of contemporary Allegro lamps. “It is the place par excellence where matures the wine and it must be very evocative. Therefore it is very important that visitors have a very strong emotional impact,” says the architect George Gotti, who chose Foscarini to give light to this project.

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