Floating Waterproof Table Tennis

Nov 14, 2012 by

I know that we are not just in summer, but this ping pong table was there, posted by a Californian man who has his body under the sun for several months now.

Floating Waterproof Table Tennis

Floating Waterproof Table Tennis

I did a little research and I found out that the sell it on an online store called brookstone.com for about $ 80. Be sure that you have a pool before you decide to buy it, anyways I think it’s beautiful especially for those who bust for this game.

It ‘a regulatory board, the same size as its brother’s legs stable, only the version of which I speak is waterproof and floats on water. The surface is designed so you can play and bounce the ball even when wet, while the edges and in general all over the edge of the table is soft so that it swims close to friends safer. Additionally if the pool has too cold water (or you soak too long, but you want to keep the game) it can be transformed into a normal game table, by removing the support legs.

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